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Masterclasses by Prof. Ernesto Spinelli & Prof. Robert Romanyshyn followed by experimental sessions with Barbara Godoy.

This phenomenological self enquiry is a full immersion into existential theory and depth psychology through an innovative combination of lectures and exercises specially designed to “bring to life” the following key topics:

16 January – Existence and Essence – Prof Ernesto Spinelli 
27 February – Eros and its Complexities – Prof Robert Romanyshyn 
27 March – Meaning and Meaninglessness – Prof Ernesto Spinelli 
24 April –  Presence: Self and Other – Prof Robert Romanyshyn 
22 May – Self and Identity– Prof Ernesto Spinelli 
26 June – Embodied Mind – Prof Robert Romanyshyn 
17 July – Divided Selves – Prof Ernesto Spinelli 
23 October – From Space to Place – Prof Robert Romanyshyn  
13 November – Selves-in-relation— Prof Ernesto Spinelli 
11 December – Time: Memory and Imagination – Prof Robert Romanyshyn 

Saturdays 10am to 1pm (UK time) – Online – £70 per date

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