Women’s Group: Forest Retreat

Celebrating our Feminine Selves

Only 8 places for an exclusive weekend of profound therapeutic work and more:

Detox (and delicious!) diet, yoga, music, dancing by the fire, hot tub under the stars and the most wonderful walks into the magical wilderness of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex.


leafReconnect to your body
leafRemember yourself
leafCreate healthier relationships
leafLearn how to be more honest with yourself
leafProcess difficult emotions in a safe environment
leafBe kind to yourself and others
leafFor-give pass behaviours and let go of negatives patterns

All-inclusive £600 (travel not included)


Our mission is to align our experience of being woman with the forces of nature within and without, so that we can partake in the creative process of becoming who we are. This existential adventure runs through the 4 seasons of the year in the deep woods of Ashdown Forest.

Forest Row Chapel
Ashwood Forest, East Sussex, UK

Winter 2020
Friday 4 December at 5pm
to Sunday 6 December at 5pm

Spring 2021
Friday 5 March at 5pm
to Sunday 7 March at 5pm

Summer 2021
Friday 4 June at 5pm
to Sunday 6 June at 5pm

Autumn 2021
Friday 3 September at 5pm
to Sunday 5 September at 5pm

Winter 2021
Friday 3 December at 5pm
to Sunday 5 December at 5pm

Forest staff

Barbara Godoy

Bárbara Godoy, Leader Therapist
M.A., Adv.Dip.Exi.Psy, UKCP, MBACP and SEA
Director and Founder of Therapy Harley Street

Existential Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Lecturer graduated from Regent’s University London. Bárbara trained as a Group Therapist in Humaniversity, The Netherlands and in Osho Multiversity, Pune, India. She has facilitated therapeutic Group Work internationally since 1997. The question about the meaning of Being-Woman was the topic of her M.A. thesis completed in 2005 and evolved into two main Women’s Groups: “Nine muses” and “Four Seasons” which she leads in addition to her individual private practice.

Caroline von Zweigbergk
Body Prayer Artist, Eurythmy Teacher, SRT Practicioner & Life Coach. Moved by the imagination her work enables a deepened listening to the life force in the body. A journey that refines awareness of embodiment where all adventures begin and expansion awaits. Her work enables self knowledge through movement.

Charli Sparks
Our magical Chef
She offers ‘Clean & Green’ Culinary services on retreats for clients. All the food on the retreats are organic and plant based. Created with the season, content and energy flow in mind. To enhance harmony and equilibrium to physical & mental wellbeing. The ‘Clean & Green’ concept is to encourage healthy and sustainable eating, bringing mindfulness to every dish created for the retreat full of love vibrating with sacred energy and prayer.

Lydia Baksh
I aim to facilitate, through the process of discovery and self-awareness, the ability of the actor to be available, receptive and present in the space. I cover all the fundamental principles of movement, as well as physical improvisation; ensemble, and the connection of text to the body, whilst drawing on techniques of practitioners such as Grotowski, Rudolf Laban, Yat Malgren and Michael Chekov.

Sara Davies

Sarah Davies
Embodiment Coach is a Founding member of Open Floor International. She has been facilitating 5Rhythms and Open Floor extensively both in the UK and abroad since 2008. Workshops include the themes of sexuality and creativity including ‘Dance Your Art Out’ and ‘Libido Fundamentals’. She co-created ‘Love Lab’ courses for couples with her psychotherapist husband. She offers in-person and online classes and workshops.