The Swans Women’s Group

This one-year journey follows the soul’s call for adventure by interrupting the distractions and excuses that keep us isolated from ourselves and our tribe. Together we remember the beauty and strengths of the swan’s majestic wings to fly back home where we belong.

The Swans with Bárbara Godoy and guest teachers is a programme based on J. Campbell’s twelve stages of the Monomyth. Inspired by ancient myths from around the world participants reconnect to their bodies, improve their relationships, learn how to be more honest, process difficult emotions, encounter important aspects of the self that have been denied, repressed and forgotten, develop new ways to manifest their own meaning, discover the art of friendship and much more!


Meditation, breathing, relaxation, movement, theatre as ritual, emotional release, creative imagination, communication techniques, family constellation, bioenergetics, working with the cycles and sharing.

Group Leaders:

Caroline von Zweigbergk

Body Prayer Artist, Eurythmy Teacher, SRT Practicioner & Life Coach. Moved by the imagination her work enables a deepened listening to the life force in the body. A journey that refines awareness of embodiment where all adventures begin and expansion awaits. Her work enables self knowledge through movement.

Bárbara Godoy

Existential Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Lecturer graduated from Regent’s University London. Bárbara trained as a Group Therapist in Humaniversity, The Netherlands and in Osho Multiversity, Pune, India. She has facilitated therapeutic Group Work internationally since 1997. The question about the meaning of Being-Woman was the topic of her M.A. thesis completed in 2005 and evolved into two main Women’s Groups: “Nine muses” and “Four Seasons” which she leads in addition to her individual private practice.