The Existential Adventure

One year process of systematic existential enquiry, committed creative production and spiritual expansion in a group of fellows.

The Existential Adventure with Bárbara Godoy and guest teachers is a programme based on a phenomenological adaptation of J. Campbell’s “the Hero’s Journey”.


Mondays from 12 noon to 1:30 pm (login 11:50 am)

The course is divided in 3 Terms (12 consecutive weeks per term)

Summer Term: 03/05/21 – 19/07/21. Invites participants to hear the “Call for Adventure”.

Autumn Term: 06/09/21 – 22/11/21. Offers a map and a lantern for “Crossing the Threshold”.

Winter/Spring: 10/01/22 – 28/03/22. Ends by celebrating the “Return with Elixir”.

One monthly individual session is recommended during term times.


Meditation, breathing, relaxation, movement, theatre as ritual, emotional release, creative imagination, communication techniques, family constellation, bioenergetics and sharing.

Group Leaders:

Javier Cura has a Bachellor in Modern Literature (UBA). He is a teacher, visual artist, theatre director and movement coach who has worked extensively in the realms of therapy, movement and dance. He has been invited to teach and perform at Fabrik Potsdam Tanztage, Goettingen Contact Impro Festival and Phantastango,  Farma Dance Theatre Festival and Alchemie Tango in Prague, C.I.R.A in Strasbourg, as well as to CI Festival San Francisco (USA). He has dedicated himself to researches in anthropological and sociological themes to develop projects in social theatre in Italy, Morocco and Germany.

He has collaborated on a research on expression in Contact Improvisation at the Berlin Free University.

He has worked as movement therapist for Sickle Cell patients in London Royal Hospital. He has also supported through movement, the therapeutical process of numerous patients of Argentinian psychotherapists he has been working with.

He has developed “The Ecological Body” with the purpose of bringing awareness of our evolutionary need of movement and how it impacts positively on our health, emotional mood, learning and thinking process. He has indicated how taking care of our own physical vital movements and on a massive scale, can have a positive signicant impact on Climate Change. Because of this contribution, he was invited to participate at the Annual Degrowth Summer Camp in Poedelwitz, Germany in 2019.

Bárbara Godoy M.A., Adv. Dip. Exi. Psy. Existential Psychotherapist Group Leader, Counsellour, Lecturer and Supervisor, MBACP & UKCP accredited, SEA Professional Member, Director of Therapy Harley Street

Bárbara’s academic contributions in London since 2008 includes lecturing and researching on the theory and practice of Phenomenological Existential Therapy on Doctorate, MA and professional courses at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, Regent’s University and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling directed by Emmy van Deurzen.

Bárbara has facilitated and designed therapeutic Group Work since 1997. She brought her earliest workshop: “Experiences” to large groups in The Netherlands, Italy, France, UK and Argentina. These awareness-intensive processes are a legacy of the human potential movement (HPM) of 1960’s, with techniques such as AUM Meditation Marathons, Psychodrama, Bioenergetics and Primal Feelings work.