The Existential Adventure

Athena – The wisdom and strategy in the hero’s journey

Painting of Odisseus rowing his boat.

This process is a systematic existential enquiry, through a committed creative production towards personal expansion within a small group of like-minded people.

Every week we explore ourselves through Greek mythology to experience the quality each story represents for us. Our main inpiration is Athena, and the mortal heroes she chose to do great things in her name.

This is a group process work, and the focus is self-enquiry. Participants can expect to gain knowledge on Ancient Greek Mythology in a way that becomes personally meaningful and relevant to their daily life.

We work with archetypes, which are collective tendecies that influence each individual person.

The purpose of this group is to use these archetypes to identify our own internal multiple aspects. Ultimately, we will aim to deconstruct sedimented roles that we play to free ourselves and be more creative.


A painting of Athena with her owl and her spear.

Week 1: Welcome and introductions

Week 2: Group methodology

Week 3: Athena: her birth, her life, and her heroes

Week 4: Hercules achieves his twelve labors

Week 5: Perseus figures out how to defeat Medusa

Week 6: Odysseus on his adventures in the Odyssey

Week 7: Jason builds his magical ship, the Argo

Week 8: Theatre as ritual

Week 9: Rehearsals

Week 10: Participant’s presentations

Barbara Godoy

Bárbara Godoy

Founder Director of Therapy Harley Street. Existential Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Lecturer graduated from Regent’s University London. Bárbara trained as a Group Therapist in Humaniversity, The Netherlands and in Osho Multiversity, Pune, India. She has facilitated therapeutic Group Work internationally since 1997.  Founder Director of THS International CPD Program.