Celebrating the Joy of Living

Weekend retreat for men and women with Barbara Godoy

An extended weekend experience where we will embark on the twelve steps of the hero’s journey to tap into the group’s synergy and bring back treasure. Finding nourishment, support, trust, relaxation, and the vitality to create ourselves anew.

Beginning by consolidating a safe space, we will venture into the roots of our individual structure, and from there we will face the obstacles that are holding us back with the support of allies and myths as inspiration.

A weekend of profound therapeutic work that will include structures deriving from the human potential movement, emphasizing personal growth, interpersonal sensitivity, a greater freedom, and spontaneity.

And more: Detox (and delicious!) diet, music by the fire, dancing sessions, hot tub under the stars, and the magical wilderness of Kent.

Benefits: Reconnect to your body, expand your own capacity to experience joy, understand how to deal effectively with inhibitions and insecurities, create healthier relationships, learn how to be more honest with yourself, process difficult emotions in a safe environment, forgive past behaviours, let go of negative patterns, and discover a new perspective of life in its joyous expression.


  • Optional early arrival Friday April 28th, from 5:00pm
  • Registration Saturday April 29th from 9:30am. Opening session 10:30am. Closing session ends on Monday May 1st at 5:00pm.

This is what one of our past retreats looked like:

We will be staying at Samsara, a place built for those looking to re-energise, reconnect and reignite their soul. The spaces are designed for you to weave a glorious tapestry and leave with your best self.

Its charming, hobbit-style nooks and crannies and oak beams would tell a thousand stories, if only walls could speak. The eclectic interior design is fun, yet traditional in essence, and is constantly evolving. They have not scrimped on the standard of luxury for guest’s comfort, as they appreciate the value of a good night’s rest.

Bárbara Godoy, Leader Therapist
M.A., Adv.Dip.Exi.Psy, UKCP, MBACP and SEA
Director and Founder of Therapy Harley Street

Existential Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Lecturer graduated from Regent’s University London. Bárbara trained as a Group Therapist in Humaniversity, The Netherlands and in Osho Multiversity, Pune, India.

She has facilitated and designed therapeutic Group Work internationally for over two decades. She brought her earliest workshop: “Experiences” to large groups in The Netherlands, Italy, France, UK and Argentina. These awareness-intensive processes are a legacy of the human potential movement (HPM) of 1960s, with techniques such as AUM Meditation Marathons, Psychodrama, Bioenergetics and Primal Feelings work.

Bárbara’s academic contributions in London since 2008 includes lecturing and researching on the theory and practice of Phenomenological Existential Therapy on Doctorate, MA and professional courses at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, Regent’s University and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling directed by Emmy van Deurzen.

The question about the meaning of Being-Woman and the importance of a feminine language was the topic of her postgraduate thesis, and evolved into Existential Process Group Work, which she leads in addition to her individual private practice.

Tomas Catalani will be Barbara’s assistant. He is an intuitive adventurer and a master in the courage of living dangerously, without compromising tenderness in the process. Tommy will look after our timetable while also making sure we all have the support and attention we need so we don’t have to care about earthly worries for the weekend.

Our host, Lori, is a very dedicated and joyous person who has great attention to detail and knows how to create the perfect environment for deep work and genuine celebration. She will also be a staff member and will accompany our process both practically and emotionally. You can expect to be pampered and feel precious in her care.