Where do we start? …

… Experiencing our problems rather than denying, forgetting or repressing what doesn’t seem to be working for us. Our own anxiety will force us to focus on the most crucial of questions, which otherwise would have been perfectly avoided, the question about the meaning of being:

“Who am I?”

This is how life struggles might turn into golden opportunities:

A crisis can be the route to renewal.
Separation can lead to a second chance.
Addictions can reveal our most significant needs.
Depression can be an opportunity for profound introspection.
Sexual dysfunctions can lead to the discovery of new ways to connect.
Even panic in a moment of despair can become a life-enhancing experience.

Barbara’s Approach to the Practice of Therapy with Individuals, Couples and Groups is Existential-Phenomenological

Phenomenological refers to a methodology of investigation that temporarily suspends judgement and preference with the intention to “see” what is there in front of our eyes (and the rest of our senses too!).

Existential direct us towards philosophy, which is the love for wisdom (or, as some have argued: the wisdom about love). Existential Therapy is not for the faint-hearted as it requires patience and courage.

This approach encourages us to respond to life’s challenges in our own creative way, rather than by applying already-made formulas and scripts handed down by others, to embrace the wider range of experiences without losing balance